About Dan.

When Dan was 12 years old, he made a rare self-discovery. He learned how to juggle with no previous training and no professional equipment. All he used was whatever he could get his hands on (literally) and understood that you don't get good at anything by having the wrong attitude about it. He figured out that instead of asking how to do something, you can make attempts and come up with your own answers in the process. Dan still does that to this day. As an adult, he's still an active juggler. If he's not performing on the street or at some event, he might be doing what he refers to as "experimenting." In his case that could mean he's in practice or perhaps working on something new. With Dan, you just never know.
This is some of Dan's credentials. This is where you might have seen him perform.

VENUE                 DECSRIPTION                PLACE              TIME


America's Got Talent.                               National Television program on NBC.                   Filmed in Miami, FL.           Season 4, episode 2, 2009.

Bay Area Renaisance Festival.                              Festival venue.                                           Largo, FL.                               !999-2001.

Ruth Eckerd Hall.                                                 Theatre and concert hall.                            Clearwater, FL.                         Spring, 2017.

The Frightfest.                                                  Halloween themed event.                                  Largo,FL.                           2000 and 2000.

John Levique Pirate Festival.                                 Pirate themed event.                                Madeira beach, FL.                  2008-2015.

Madeira Beach Haunted House.                        Halloween themed event.                              Madeira beach, FL.                2009 and 2010.

Nude Nite.                                                       Adult themed art show and venue.             Orlando and Tampa, FL.               2011-present.   

Circus McGurkis.                                                 Art show and stage venue.                          St Petersburg, FL.                   2011-present.

Donatello's                                                         Gourmet Italian Restaurant.                            Tampa, FL.                                 Fall, 2012.

Water Works Park.                                                        Public park.                                          Tampa, FL.                             Summer, 2014.

Coconut's Comedy Club.                                         Comedy club venue.                                St. Pete beach, FL.                  2000-present.

Gulfport Art walk.                                                     Outdoor art show venue.                             Gulfport, FL.                         2003-present.