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The furniture store.

11/07/2019 22:42
On Saturday 11-9-19, I'll be performing at a gig in St.Petersburg, Fl. The address is 1240 Central Ave. The time will be 7-9 pm. There will be a Tango Fusion band called Hey Che. It's at a four-floor furniture store. It'll be great!

Circus McGurkis 2018.

10/08/2018 21:12
I'm doing Circus McGurkis again and I'm looking forward to it. My last year of doing that was in 2015 and now I'm back! Should be fun and exciting.'s been awhile since I put anything in my news section so that's also pretty good.  

Visitors notice

08/11/2016 04:46
This is the visitor's notice. This is where I shall casually let you know what's going on. My current bit of info is a gig I'm looking forward to. It takes place in Sarasota, FL at Nathan Benderson Park from 8 am-9:30 am. It'll be tiring but worth it. That's it for now. Good day!

Dan's first lesson.

07/14/2016 21:59
I gave my first juggling lesson recently. I liked it. I hope that my students benefit from this and achieve health benefits. Especially since that was the whole point of it.

News From Dan.

12/11/2014 21:16
No news is good news. At least that's what I'm told. Any day now I might have something I really want to report. Maybe it's an upcoming gig. Maybe it's a new prop I have. Maybe a new costume I made or bought. Who knows? Not even me. In the meantime I'm in the process of creating or networking in...

Website launched

10/28/2014 04:45
Although this site was launched in 2014, it was changed in 2016. It became  

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